Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sand in my Toes

We went to the beach and it was FUN!

I did a lot of digging. I have heard a lot about buried treasure, and I wanted to find some.

Do you call old fish bones treasure? I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Score!

At first, mom tied me up and I had to watch all the kids playing and swimming in the creek. They were getting crazy, I tell ya.

Stuff like this!

I was thinking it might be safer to watch from a distance. But, after a while, it was just too much for me. I wanted to be a bit closer to the action!

One time I even dove right in and swam around, while the maniac kids were having a huge water fight right around me! I headed for shore, so I could watch from there. Then I just ran back and forth, back and forth, kind of like a super-hero-turbo-life-guard-ready-to-save-lives-or-just-bark-a-lot sort of dog. I'm there for ya.
When I got home, I slept on my sheepskin in the living room for three solid hours. Being a super hero is tiring work!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Playing in the Hay

What is THIS stuff?

I don't know what I'm doing up here! Hey girls?

I know that horses like this, but I tried it and can't say its growing on me. It is, however, stuck ON me. I keep chasing it and end up falling in the holes between the bales.

Its kind of cozy up here though, and the girls like to play out here a lot.
Guess I will just keep hanging out with them, and maybe it will become my new favorite spot too. Right, Penelope?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Race You Around the Lake!

So I decided to go on a canoe trip. Ok, well my people just put me in there and took off. But, the important part is I really liked it! I don't know if you heard about my jump off the paddle boat earlier this summer, but it was a BAD idea. I guess I got carried away, when my girl swam right by me! I got soaked, scared, and my mom freaked out a bit too. (although later she said I looked like a super cute muskrat without the musk!)

But I digress. The paddle boat incident is behind me, and I am in therapy so I should be over it someday.

THIS trip around the lake was really much more fun. And I never jumped off. I got to ride with mom and dad. I wanted to see where we were going, so I did a lot of hanging over the side!

We saw lots of lilly pads, and even a muskrat or two. I wanted to get closer!
Pluto was in the paddle boat with the girls, so I figured I should jump over there, and he tried to jump in with me, and we had a great time jumping back and forth until they made us stop. Maybe we were rocking the boats a bit too much? Crazy fun, if you ask me!
I think I am a good navigator, and I kept telling these people where to go next but they would not listen to me. Whatever.
I found plants to attack!
and I am pretty sure this canoe paddle was sassing me. I was not taking any chances, so I tried to just bite off a few pieces. Dad got mad about that, and said something about needing the paddle to get back to our house? Whatever!
Hey, how about sharing some of that watermelon over on THIS boat?

Hey, what is the big deal? Is somebody trying to get rid of me? Dropping this in the water, thereby tempting me almost beyond reason to jump in.......c'mon Chena! Are you trying to drown me here or what?

Passed that test. I will just sit here and look adorable. Oh look! My reflection is so cool.

Yeah, I think I could run this show. Tune in next time when I leave everyone home and take the 'ole canoe out for a spin by myself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Me and Sparrow

I get along just fine with cats. I love the way they run from me, shake in their little feline boots at the sight of me, and generally respond the way cats are supposed to.

Except Sparrow that is. This cat is way out of line. She is NOT afraid of me, and (to tell you the truth) she makes me nervous! She just doesn't fit the mold, and she goes out of her way to show me her in-your-face bravery and mockery of small puppies.

Just look at her. See the evil lurking behind those eyes?

For example, she will stand in the middle of the sidewalk and not let me pass. She arches her back and hisses and shows me her tonsils, her mouth opens so BIG. Cats have big teeth, I am learning.

Or, she will stand her ground in the living room, and make me go the other way around the couch, just to get to my day bed. And she flattens her ears and then kind of laughs at me in a smug irritating growl.

She can be up on a chair, but she glares at me and I am afraid to even get too close. My routine with the other cat, (the normal I-am-afraid-of-dogs-even-short-puppies one) is to dance all around the chair, nipping at its tail, as it spins frantically around trying to anticipate my next move. Its quite fun. But not Sparrow. She makes ME spin around trying to figure HER out.

At night, the last thing I do before bed is I get to go out for a walk. I love to find a cat and chase it, for a satisfying romp before I end my mischief for the day. But when I see Sparrow and try to get her to run, she actually turns her back on me or even (gasp) lays down! As if to make fun of me! This cat needs to be taught a lesson. Yessiree.

Will you please teach it to her, for me? Puleeeeez?

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have a new friend! I met him while I was in Fairbanks. Actually, I stayed at his house. But, I was there before he was. Confused yet? Well the story goes like this. Janet went garage sailing, and came home with 2 extra pounds. Of dog, that is. You see, she actually bought a puppy while she was out garage sailing!

Here he is. 2 lbs of Yorkie/Pug/Chihuahua. When you say his breed, it sounds like you are sneezing! Yorkipugawawa! Bless you.

His name is Windsor. She named him after a small sweet town in England, where she visited recently with my mom. But Windsor is not small and sweet! He IS small, I grant you that. But boy, that little guy has sharp teeth! And a LOUD bark!

And he is not much taller than a can of soda pop.

Not much smarter either.... just kiddin!

I'm not at all jealous. After all, whenever my mom would pick him up and smoochie his face, and talk baby talk, she would always come and pick me up and cuddle me too. Just as long. I think. Ok, shut up...who's counting? Anyway, I really wanted to get to play with the little guy. I mean REALLY play. Like, ya know, taste him. Just a few bites. And they just wouldn't let me. Windsor wanted to play too, with me. But all they would do is put our crates next to each other so we could bark back and forth. Well that was kind of fun too.

Did I tell you Windsor has a thing against shoes? I think he is mad because they are bigger than he is. Whatever it is, he likes to try to tear them apart.

But by far the best thing about Windsor is that he knows how to bring a HUGE smile to Janet's face. I mean huge. I can tell he makes her happy. And she makes him happy too. So its okay that she used to think I was the cutest puppy on earth and now she doesn't. I can roll with that. (I also like to roll on road kill, but that is another story). My point is they just fit. Like peas and carrots. Watermelon and salt. Puppy kibble and me. You get the idea.

Yep, a great new friend. I cannot wait to go and see him again soon. Maybe if he is a little bigger I can use him for a hockey puck.

Oh, remember what I told you about shoes, Windsor, and murder?
WATCH THIS VIDEO and tell me if I am wrong!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Road Trip!

This is me.

This is me on a road trip.

Get the picture?

Well, it wasn't so bad. My mom loves road trips, and she thinks everyone else should too. So when she decided to drive almost 600 miles in ONE DAY, she figured it would be pretty fun.

And I actually did enjoy all the stops. I got to get out and explore a lot. And they would run around and try to wear me out with a LOT of playing and a LOT of new toys. A dog can learn to live with this human guilt thing. Besides, I got to do this:

Which really felt like breaking all the rules. Its a good feeling.

Here I am playing in a creek along the way. It was nice and COLD! Penelope kept throwing my stick further and further, and tricking me into swimming. Sneaky.

I liked playing with and barking at bugs!

We saw lots and lots of pretty scenery along the way. Some of it, I must confess, I slept through.
But here are some mountains I had to share with ya.

More about my trip later. I have to tell you all about my new friend!