Monday, July 21, 2008

When in Rome

That is all I am going to say about this picture! Now, somebody get me down please.......

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My own parade

I told you I wanted to be in a parade, right? Well, Pluto and I decided we could certainly have a canine show if we wanted to. So we found a festive flag and decided to take turns carrying it around the yard for a two-dog parade.
Hey, did you hear that Pluto? I said TAKE TURNS!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should just try to grab it......

Maybe he will get the idea and do the right and fair thing, showing good character and inspiring my trust in him for the future.

Nice idea. But he didn't get the memo!

If I don't get ahold of that flag, its gonna kill me. And the parade will be over and my audience will go home! Gotta run faster. Almost got it.......
Now to wrestle it away from him. If nobody was watching I would give him my special Corgi short-leg-big-teeth body chop to the hind legs. But I told you I have an audience.

Now you are just braggin! C'mon!

I never did get that blasted flag. But I sure do look cute running alongside it, huh? And next year I am going to be ready for him, and start the parade when he is locked up in his kennel where he belongs!

NOTE: Just in case you might be leaning toward taking his side, all of this injustice is documented in the following video. No editing has been done. The cruel events acted upon the poor short Corgi are true. Warning. Graphic unfairness!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I visited a new place today. They call it the vet. I was all excited to meet some new people, and it started out very promising. I obviously had some new fans, because the people at the desk took my picture! I think I smiled. They petted me, and held me, and talked lovingly. I was thinking this was a pretty cool place to be. I even saw a bunch of other puppies, but nobody let me play. No surprise there, I am always seeing dogs I want to challenge or tackle but its a no go.

I got to stand on a big tippy thing, and then they said "eleven pounds seven ounces" and who knows what that means, but mom suddenly asked about puppy food, and how much, and hey! I didn't like where this was going at all. I like my food, and I like how much I get, and my only suggestion would be more food and more often!

Then they carried me into a room with a slippery table (I thought I was not supposed to sit on the table?) and it had a baby blanket on it. I tried to eat the blanket, but then a man came and pinched me all over. He did! I thought about biting him but mom was watching. And I decided not to because he gave me a cookie. I crunched on that, and then he stuck a needle in my extra skin but the cookie was sooooo good, I figured I could always bite him later.

Next he took some funny tool and started clipping my toenails. I tried to stop him! Those talons are what I use against Pluto! They are my weapons, my pals, my necessary elements of both offense and defense. But in just a few short seconds, they were mostly gone. I couldn't even hear myself walk across the floor. I just know Pluto is going to gloat about this one. No doubt.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who Invented Parades?

I bet it was not a dog-lover. I am just amazed at the strange things my people find to take me along to, each week its something new and more mind-boggling.

So now its something called a parade. A whole string of crazy cars, trucks, fire engines, horses, dogs, wheelchairs, motorcycles, and you name it. And I had to sit there and just be still? They made me sit quietly in a chair, and just watch. Drove me crazy, let me tell you! I was supposed to just sit there, and not chase all the candy rolling in the street? Not bark at the assortment of canines that walked along in the parade, or sniffed at me up on my chair? Not suck on the straw in the cup holder on the next chair?

At least Penelope held me so I could see a bit better. I am a bit short, you know.

I think the worst part was these SUPER LOUD sirens that kept going off. I am not sure what big dog they were trying to call, but it sure got my attention. I wiggled and squirmed and tried to jump up and hide in somebody's arms, but the sound grew louder and louder until I thought it might peel the cute blaze off my face!

Then the whole thing was suddenly over, and let me tell you, all heck broke loose as people ran for their cars, and joined a whole line of traffic. My people put me on my flexi-leash (which is not the least flexible, so its a dumb name because it never lets me do what I want!) and I had to run along on my short fat little legs as they headed down the street to the car. And if I saw something wonderful on the ground, like old gum, spilled pop, grimy cigarretts, etc...they would not even let me stop and devour it. I got pretty irritated at mom. Once I had the most incredibly yummy piece of tootsie roll paper under my tongue, and mom actually sensed it! I was hiding it so well, just pretending I was yawning, but all of a sudden she stuck her fingers in my mouth and dug around and pulled it right out. Like she didn't even care that she ruined my day. Insensitive human. They just don't understand about dogs and smelly stuff and lovely garbage and gooey textures.

On the way home I got to ride in the back of the truck. Mom was complaining to dad that i was probably going to catch my death of cold, or I would be lonely, or think they did not love me anymore, or all sorts of terrible things. I could not hear what else she said. My ears were too busy flapping in the breeze in the back of the truck. I loved it!

Next year, I wonder if they will let me be in the parade? I could carry the tootsie roll wrappers under my tongue?