Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just for Today, Lord

I'd like to be able to fly. With wings. To get up high, like in trees and stuff.

And it has nothing to do with this.

or this

or even this mocking face here

Nope. I just want to get up in the tree, Lord, to be able to survey the beauty of your creation from on high.

(and while you are granting my wishes, can I see that squirrel I've been chasing for weeks up close too?)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The weirdest thing happened this week. I am still trying to figure it out! The lawn outside my door just disappeared. I mean, its gone Baby! I went to bed one night with it all nice and green outside like normal. I know because I chased Pluto all over it, and the horses were out grazing on it, (and of course I chased them too!)

Then, in the let me out the door and WHOA....I stopped in shock! Everything was white and WEIRD. Cold too. Kind of fluffy and it melted on my nose when I breathed on it. I took a few steps, and it left tracks! And it moved under my feet! I tried to chase a few flakes, and it moved even more. So I ran around and around trying to get it all and trying to make it stop moving. It was actually pretty fun, and I didn't want to stop playing at all. When I got tired and layed down, my belly felt like I was laying on a bunch of icecream. So I jumped up and it all started again with the chasing, running, melting, breathing, until I was one wet tired pup.

When I headed inside, another surprise! Mom put a gate up so that now I have to stop and wipe my paws and get all dried off before I can go into the rest of the house. Sheeesh. Doncha like big snowballs all over the living room, making puddles for you to get wet socks in? (Mom hates hates hates wet socks)

Its going to be a fun winter for me, and a looooooong winter for her.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Its a Bird, Its a Plane,

Nah, its just me. A small Corgi blur leaping over a log over and over. That is just how I roll.

What are YOU looking at?

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Me and You and a Dog named Boo....isn't that a song or something?

Well, I have a new puppy buddy named Boo. We have lots of fun while Penelope has riding lessons. Mom only gets me out of the car if the big bad dogs are not there. One is a Karelian Bear dog (anything with "bear" in it must be scary ) and the other is a waaaay tough German Shepard. But they were not at the arena this time, so I got out and was able to play! I am not sure what Boo is, but she is way cute and TONS of fun!

See that big horse? Totally almost trampled me. (what do you mean I should not have raced circles around its hooves while it was trotting around??)

Yeah, I am definitely winning here. No really, I am!

When we got tired of wrestling, we ran all over the farm and chased chickens, ponies, and even an ornery little goat. It was a blast. Guess you could say Boo is a bad influence on me. I love it!