Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey, Come Back!

Everyone has been to the family cabin except me. Its downright insulting! Pluto was invited to the cabin (even though they insisted he get a bath first), and he came back bragging about it. Moses used to go to the cabin all the time, when he was around. And now, Charlotte is on her THIRD trip there!!!

They keep saying I can't go because I'm so little, I could get eaten by wolves or bears. I'm not sure I believe it. Still, I really DON'T want to be eaten by wild slobbering predators.

See, there goes Charlotte, being lifted up into the float plane down at the lake. Poor Chena has to hold her on her lap for the whole flight. If it were me, I could curl up all cute and tiny-like, and she'd hardly know I was there. Charlotte will probably give her bruises from her huge bulky wiggly self.

Bye guys. Have a good flight. Sniff. (not fair!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Me and Carhartt

Well, I am not sure whose bright idea it was, but we are fostering a puppy right now. His name is Carhartt. He is Wolf/Husky/Akita. I know what you are thinking. But I can still take him! He's a real pussycat.

Even though this picture looks like he is saying "bring it!". I can still take him. I think.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me and Charlotte

The rumors are true. If you heard that another dog has invaded my perfect world, sadly, its confirmed. Its even CUTE and a GIRL. Not cuter than me, but still...enough to be threatening. I am currently at work on a plot to drive her far from here, but in the meantime I might as well play with her a bit.

She's so annoying. Not the least bit fun. I avoid her as much as possible. Honest.

Charlotttttttttttttttttte, can you come and play with me?????

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dandelion Litzen | A Dog Named Christmas

Dandelion Litzen | A Dog Named Christmas

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Popping In!

Hi, Its me, Dandi. I know I have been a bit busy and sloggy about blogging lately, but its summertime! I have been spending my time chasing mini horses, cats, mice, birdies, and whatever else moves and breathes. Its a full time job!

I was out hopping around the yard, as usual, when I noticed Mom trying to take some portraits of Penelope, out in the daisies. I could see my work was cut out for me. I had to run over there, trample some flowers, get in the way, and somehow completely turn her attention to me for awhile.

As you can see, the whole thing turned into a "oh Dandelion, you are so cute and I must take your picture, now hold still and I will give you a puppy treat" kind of deal. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

Can you tell how much I am loving these STUPID ears??? If I had to go out in public, I'd never be able to hold my head (or real ears) up again.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

My First Dog Show

Can you believe I was in a dog show? I wasn't too nervous, but my mom sure was. We took a long ride to Anchorage..but I'm used to being in my crate and I like road trips! I never make a peep, but I like to stop and get out now and then, and play in the snow.
When we got to Anchorage, we went to a Bed and Breakfast. I thought bed meant Mom's bed, but it didn't..and I thought breakfast meant I could snack on the owner's cats, but it didn't.
So I was a good girl. Mom had to carry me up and down the stairs to our room downstairs, but other than that it was a very nice and cozy place. My crate fit nicely right in the closet!
We got up super early for the show. Mom didn't want to hand me over to the groomers, so she had already taken me to the dog wash, and to my own nice vet for toenail clipping. I think I looked pretty shiny and pretty! We drove downtown and went into this HUGE building! I'm not a real spooky dog, but I decided I wanted to hang close to mom for a bit. I mean, there must have been 500 dogs there. And the sound of (shudder) blow dryers going like mad!
Phew. Then we spotted our Corgi group from our town. I was happy to see my buddies! Mom walked me all over the whole big room, so I could get used to what was going on. It was kind of loud, but I like to be loud so that was okay with me. Mom washed my feet and put white powder on them. She did NOT use the blow I was plenty happy about that. She checked my teeth and my ears, and put a show leash on me. Then we waited and waited.
Finally our turn came for class. The judge was really nice to me, and when it was my turn on the table I tried to hold still for her but I think I wiggled a bit anyway. She still liked me! She gave my mom a blue ribbon, and then later in another class, a PURPLE one! I like purple, but nobody would let me eat it. Hey, I won it, right?
So thats what a dog show is all about. I guess if mom wants to, we can do it again someday. I'm up for anything that involves treats, buddies, and toys in my crate!