Sunday, June 29, 2008

Race You to the Lake!

So after my bath, i was sitting by the window feeling a bit pouty, and the girls started talking about going swimming at the lake. Did I mention I live on a lake? Its like this big huge 'ole water bowl! A lot of pups might be afraid, but not me. Well, not much anyway!
Follow me down to the lake! Lets go!

Ok, here is that big dog I told you about. The one who comes up on the lawn and tries to breathe on me. This dog casts a BIG shadow! I'm getting used to its very strange bark. Quite different. Must be one of those foreign breeds.
Keep coming! Past the barn and down to the lake. Its real pretty down there. Plus lots of muck to play in, clam shells left by busy-body muskrats, lily pads to jump on and rip up with my teeth, butterflies to chase, and minnows to scare. And one very big bird. Check this out:

This big bird sits at the edge of the lake. It doesn't bother me, but don't get too close. That thing can make some scary noises. Mom is always talking about an eagle carrying me away. I think she must mean this thing! My crazy little girls sit on it. They are sooooo brave.
Watch those girls dive right in that cold lake and go swimming. Hey, don't leave me!

You mean there are some lovely flowers still standing down here? Better let me at them!

I stay pretty busy down here. Try to keep up, would ya? I could lose you in this tall grass.

Ok, all is well here at Junior Lifeguard Camp. Just checking.

I have spotted some unidentified toes. Don't worry. I am checking them out now. I expect them to be given full clearance, but you just can't take chances. These toes could get me in a jam. (not a bad pun for a dog, if I do say so myself).

My work here is done. I have worn out my kids and got good and dirty. Wet girls, wet towels, and wet puppy. See why I love the LAKE?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soggy and Mad

Does that look like a happy face to you? Nah. Not even close. I wish I could give the evil eye, but with the face I was born with, its hard to convey the contempt I am feeling at this point. But wet and mad go together when you are a dog in a bathtub. Yeah, and just for the record, the squeaky toy you kept squirting me with did not make me feel suddenly cheerful and forgiving either. Or singing Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath. Harummph. I know, getting clean is a big deal for you humans. I know it is. I don't understand it, but I get that it is somehow a big priority. I just wish you knew that I plan to run down to the lake when you are done, find a dead (and pretty flat, as shapes go) mouse by the shoreline, and roll all over it. I have it on my to-do list. (if you people knew that, would you still wash, rinse, repeat???Huh? huh? Would ya?)

The only thing that made me feel a bit better was waiting for those two little girls to lean in real close, then shaking soapy water all over them! Yeah, that felt good. If soap got in the eye, bonus. Nah, not really. I don't mean it. I am really clean, sweet, and nice. Oh. Well, one out of three isn't bad, right?

Now its time for the wrap up. No! I didn't mean wrap me up in a towel! I want to get dirty while I am still wet! Drat. What's next, a blow dryer??? Grrrrrr. And yes, I mean that growl.

OH well. I have decided that I can get over this experience, after a full belly and a long night's sleep, and maybe a terrorized cat or two. Just as long as you PROMISE it will NEVER EVERY happen again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rose Among Thorns

Or a Dandelion among other weeds. Its all good. Actually, I prefer eating flowers, especially the ones my person wants to plant. Its her fault she tries to pose me with them, 'cuz then I can smell their yummy goodness.
I didn't mean to kill 'em. Honest. I just wanted to devour them, I don't believe in making them suffer for long, so that is why I look like Cujo or some other Stephen King character in that last picture.

The Dog with a Blog

It might be crazy, but yeah, I gave Dandelion her own blog. I know my life with her will be full and fun, and I will have a lot to tell about her as she grows! It might get a bit much on the family blog. Heh heh. Besides, I can give out this blog address only to those who will not tease me mercilessly. (Yeah? Who might that be?)

Ok, now to hear from Dandelion:

Hello, all my loyal fans. I am not a bit shocked that I have been given my own blog, its the least my person could do after all I put up with around here. There are HUGE dogs, I mean dogs that little kids actually ride around with saddles on their backs, scaring me out of my wits!!!!!!! And they snort a bit too. Which makes me run back to Mom who smiles smugly. I hate smug.

Then, there is the matter of the camera. I guess that is what that shiny thing is called, that Mom wears like a necklace. Whatever. I just want it out of my face! And speaking of face..don't I have the cutest one ever? I think its my little blaze with the beauty spot that gets me out of the most trouble. And believe me, I go looking for trouble as much as I can. Its not hard to find around here. Lets start with the cats. I just want to bite them. Thats all. After I bite them real hard, I might leave them alone. Maybe. (not likely) That Penguin is starting to trust me a little, I think. Her mistake. Heh heh. I gotta keep acting all confused and like I might be a bit scared of her myself. That stuff always gets 'em.

I guess I should tell you a bit more about my life here. I will tell you what I can, but I have only been here a week. (seriously though? A week around here is enough to send you into therapy. these people are WEIRD!) So, there is a dad, who is a pretty decent guy and he can be kind of a crack up. He didn't think he would like me so much, but what can I say? I'm adorable. I grow on people like mold, only cuter and less smelly. A little less. There are two little girls who dote on me, and do my bidding, and race around with me when I need to get some wiggles out. They have this diabolical scheme at bedtime, where they play hard with me and then I get all sleepy. Its dirty pool, I tell ya. I think the mom is the most gaga about me though, she talks baby talk (don't tell but the big hairy guy does it too) and snuggles me and takes me everywhere in the car. And let me tell ya, these people have been all over since I got here! I like to see where their nuttiness will take them next. The mom keeps saying today we are staying home.......but she just likes to say that, I think. She is the last person to say goodnight to me, and she has her low-life tricks too. She runs around outside, sometimes all the way around the house, and I chase her trying to figure out what she is doing, and to see if maybe she is playing keep-a-way with my food dish or something. And she has long legs and mine are short, and well, I get so worn out I just flop down in the grass. Then she picks me up and carries me to my indoor crate and kisses me softly and I'm already asleep before the gate on my crate closes. And I sleep all night, which stinks because I really enjoy getting her up around 3 or 4 if possible. Dang. With this new chasing business right before bed, I just don't wake up until morning. She's evil, I tell ya.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my tragic and horrible experience today, that the girls called a bath. Yeah, I KNOW. Told you things are weird around here.